Are you suffering from a lingering pain or injury that is preventing you from achieving your fitness goals or just simply living your life? Have specific fitness goals or sports specific goals? Are you suffering from an ailment and consulted many health professionals including medical doctors and yet no one seems to know the origin? Or maybe you're just simply looking for natural preventive medicine in order to avoid sport-specific injuries or health issues. If so, a consultation with me might be the answer to work out a plan of action.



• improves your quality of life

• alleviates acute and chronic pain / diseases /stress

• helps to prevent disease through lifestyle changes and natural remedies

• possibility of avoiding unnecessary surgery and lifelong dependency on chemical treatments

• is safe and does not cause any side-effects

• is not only concerned with the symptoms of illness / pain, but eliminates the root causes

(Homotoxicology according to Hans Heinrich Reckeweg / Integrative Biological Energetic Medicine

according to Dr. Voll, Functional Movement Patterns & Biomechanics ).

• "enables the patient" to make an "active contribution" to the healing process

• personalized protocols consisting of proven natural medicines

• personalized rehabilitation exercise program

• personalized corrective exercise program

• personalized high performance training plans

• neuromuscular manual therapy for an integrative approach to pain

At the Platania clinic...

patients learn to critically examine their illness under guidance. The patient helps to identify the root cause(s) of his or her illness / pain and to select therapies that will stimulate the natural healing process. With the full cooperation of the patient and the Healthcare practitioner's input experience and knowledge, susceptibilities can be detected and the course of the ailment or pain may be greatly alleviated or reversed through the use of natural remedies &/or manual therapy techniques and exercise. Biological medicine calls for a responsible attitude to one’s health. It is the basic medicine that empowers the body to restore its equilibrium.

The treatments are covered by most insurance plans.